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課程編號: DMH250518


CNE學分:  2 pts
開課日期:  2018/05/25 



(DMH) 糖尿病管理與養生

Sponsored by DCH Auriga

CNE pts: 2

題目1) 糖尿病管理與養生

  • 中醫對糖尿病的認識
  • 糖尿病的辨證
  • 糖尿病的中醫治療

講者: 嚴韻詩博士 - 註冊中醫師

Topic 2) Nutritional Management of Diabetes

  • Basic introduction of diabetes -  Blood glucose level reference, symptoms, complications
  • Quality and quantity control of diabetes - Quality: Glycemic Index; Quantity: Carbohydrate exchange table)
  • Healthy eating habits to manage diabetes - Alcohol, sweetener, cooking at home, eating out
  • Dealing with hypoglycemia and special conditions - Feeling sick and doing exercise

 Speaker: Mr. Brian Tang - Registered Dietitian

Period: 25/05/2018 (Fri, total 1 session), 7:00 – 9:00pm

Venue: Room 1106, 8 Austin Road, Hong Kong Scout Centre, Jordan, Kowloon


Fee: $420(member)   $520(non-member)

Gift: OneTouch® Select™ Plus Blood Glucose Meter Set OneTouch®穩睿至安血糖機套裝

  • Select™ Plus Meter穩睿至安血糖機
  • Select™ Plus Strips 50+10穩睿血糖試紙50+10片
  • Delica® Lancing DeviceDelica®採血筆
  • Delica® Lancets 100+10Delica®採血針100+10支

Registration Time: 6:45 pm - 7:00 pm