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旅遊保險 (蘇黎世)

Notice: The Insured Person’s itinerary must include Hong Kong or such travel arrangements must be made and paid in Hong Kong.

This insurance coverage is arranged and provided by Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong), a leading insurer authorized to carry on insurance business in Hong Kong. If you have any queries about this insurance purchase, or require any advice, please contact A.N. TRAVEL LIMITED at  2314 6933 or by e-mail at

Office Hours : Mon – Fri 09:30am – 19:00p.m.

                                            Sat 09:30 – 14:30p.m.    

                                            Sunday & Public Holiday closed


此保險是由蘇黎世保險(香港)所安排及提供,蘇黎世保險(香港)是獲授權在香港從事保險業務的主要保險公司。如你對購買保險有任何疑問,或需要任何意見,請直接致電護協旅遊2314 6933 或電遊

辦公時間 : 星期一至五 09:30am – 19:00p.m.

                                 星期六           09:30 – 14:30p.m.    


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